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Learning by Doing?: Experimental Evidence on Activity-based Instruction in India, with A. de Barros, P. Glewwe, and A. Shankar. Conditionally accepted via pre-results review process at the Journal of Development Economics.


We study a large program that seeks to improve math learning in public primary schools in India.  In a cluster-randomized trial, two treatment arms promoted activity-based instruction by providing teaching materials and teacher training.  One of these arms also promoted community engagement through community-led student contests.  A third arm remained untreated. After 13 months, the version without contests improved teaching quality and learning (predominantly among girls).  Both versions improved student attitudes towards math. Yet, the version with contests worsened one dimension of instructional quality (classroom culture), and we can rule out that the contests added even small improvements in learning.

Pre-registered at the AEA RCT Trial Registry (AEARCTR-0003494)

Selected Publications

Fajardo-Gonzalez, J. (2020). Domestic Violence, Decision-Making Power and Female Employment in ColombiaReview of Economics of the Household, 19 (1), 233-254  [Ungated version here]

Bellemare, M., Fajardo-Gonzalez, J., and Gitter, S. (2018) Foods and Fads: The Welfare Impacts of Rising Quinoa Prices in PeruWorld Development, 112, 163-179  [Ungated version here]


Fajardo-Gonzalez, J. (2016) Inequality of opportunity in Adult Health in ColombiaThe Journal of Economic Inequality, 14(4), 395–416  [Ungated version here]

Technical Notes and Policy Reports

Informing the Refugee Policy Response in Uganda - Results from the Uganda Refugee and Host Communities 2018 Household Survey. The World Bank. 2019.


Impact of Fiscal Policy on Poverty and Inequality in Uganda - Fiscal Incidence Analysis Using the UNHS 2016/17. The World Bank. 2019.


Detour from the Poverty Reduction Path: Uganda Poverty Update Note – Uganda National Household Survey 2016/17. The World Bank. 2019.


J-PAL Skills for Youth Program Review Paper. J-PAL Latin-America and Caribbean. 2017.


The Uganda Poverty Assessment Report 2016. The World Bank. 2016

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